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FIITJEE – A synonym with quality education has brought a paradigm shift in the education sector of India. Founded in 1992 and evolved overtime as FIITJEE group, is considered as the most trustworthy brand and valued organisation by the Students, Parents and Teachers of the nation. FIITJEE has innovated new educational methodology and demonstrated extraordinary results in all targeted segments. FIITJEE has a proven track record of 25 plus years of excellence.

Janakpuri Centre was founded in 2009 and it is the fully operational centre of FIITJEE. The Janakpuri Centre caters to the very talented student communities of West Delhi, janakpuri, vikaspuri, uttam nagar, dwarka, delhi cantt, najafgarh, rajori garden, kirti nagar etc., from Delhi as well as far flung towns of Haryana, like: Karnal, Panipat, Sonepat, Hissar, Bhiwani etc. Thus the vision and quality of services that FIITJEE represents for todays IIT-JEE aspirants has also become accessible to students who stay several hours away from Delhi.

This Centre boasts of a history of success from all types of classroom programs. This is attributed to both the teaching quality and other facets of the academic system available here. In fact this centre has tremendous success in different competitive exams like JEE-MAINS, JEE-ADVANCE, BITS, KVPY, Olympiad, JSTSE, NTSE, and SAT.

Every year FIITJEE Janakpuri Centre produced tremendous success in different competitive exams. The academic focus and dedication of the faculty members of Janakpuri Centre ensured that all the students finally achieved results as per their full potential. The training provided by the faculty members helped them co-relate between their school syllabus and syllabus of the competitive exam for which they were preparing. The faculty strengthened their analytical ability and exam temperament along with improving presentation of solutions to problems.

They also provide them tips on speed, accuracy, alternative solving methods and question selection during actual paper. The operations team regularly organized Periodic tests followed by test analysis session which help them to analyze their shortcomings and improve upon them, Parent Teachers Meetings. Parents and students are regularly updated about FIITJEE's latest information through SMS and emails, thus providing regular feedback about the student’s performance to both students and parents. This along with comprehensive study materials, practice on all mock tests based on their target exams and renowned All India Test Series gave a solid foundation to the students thus enhancing their skills in all directions. The combined effects of all the above resulted in a stupendous growth in the potential of each enrolled student for not only IIT-JEE but also Olympiads, KVPY, NTSE, JSTSE, SAT and other engineering entrance exams.

The mission has begun. The ray of hope is distinctly visible in the horizon. It is your turn to be part of the success story.

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